Asian  Electricals is industrial heavy  electricals motor repearing center in noida . Company was established  since in 1994. 

Establishing  strengthening and sustaining the development of a strong company not only means deploying resources, expertise and know how but also great determination and confidence in the future. Through all these years of intensive activity and quick expansions, the action towards a common goal to stand out as a strong consistent group, constantly striving for improvement have driven Asian Electricals motor to attain and achieve a leading position in the Delhi NCR Motor repair industry.

Asian Electricals Motor, an  company is the leading Electric Motor repairing/rewind clutch ,break,fire pump in NCR .

From a modest beginning with the electric motor unit in  Delhi NCR, Asian Electricals Motor has set up state of art repair facilities at Delhi & NCR. The last four decades have seen the core business development along with different product lines; flameproof motors, crane duty motors, cooling tower motors, textile motors, inverter duty motors, brake motors & other motors for customer specific application. In the repair of the motor, a competitive edge lies in providing consistent quality, high reliability with innovative products. Our expansion in Delhi NCR was to address these keys market determinants. The repair set up is sourced out from the world-renowned machinery and technology suppliers with constant upgradations and expansions.


Our Primary Focus Is Customer Satisfaction

Asian Electricals Motor  its strength from its customers. The growth of the latter is the prerequisite to the growth of the company and hence customers’ satisfaction is its prime objective. In an ongoing process to improve customer satisfaction, Asian Electricals motor offers a variety of Services:

    1. Competitive prices    2. Consistent quality     3. Just in time delivery  4. Product development for a Changing Market

    5. A targeted stocking policy    6. Technical support for applications/projects

    7. Asian Electricals motor has highly experienced qualified and dedicated professionals with strong adherence to the quality management system. 

    8. Asian Electricals motor has offices in Noida Delhi NCR.

    9. Asian Electricals motor has earned the trust and reputation in India and abroad by winning the customers’ confidence. 

    10. Millions of motors have been repair and are in operation in India .